How To Coach Your Really Good Employees

Many organizations don’t pay attention to their well-performing employees at all. They spend all their time finding mistakes made by underperforming employees and dealing with those who don’t deliver acceptable results.

Here’s the problem with this approach: if you only catch people when they are doing things wrong and the underperformers get all the attention, your employees will have no motivation to improve. The only motivation they will have is a motivation to get by without getting caught for underperformance. If that’s how you run your business, your employees will never show great results because there’s no reason for them to do so. You are only giving them reasons for not getting into trouble.

Because of this, you need to make sure that you pay attention to your well-performing employees. This attention starts with noticing when they do things right and praising them for it. It may be an employee of the month recognition title, a gift certificate or some other reward. The most important point is that you need to notice, recognize and reward behaviour that you want your employees to have.

Once you reward the behaviour, you want to find out what and how your well-performing employee did to get the outstanding results. This means that you will need to ask about it, listen and show your approval. This is a part of how you coach good employees.

Some people think that coaching is only about telling someone something. This is not true. Sometimes coaching is about recognition and about letting superstars share what and how they do. It should be obvious that your well-performing employee has skills and motivation to perform otherwise the results wouldn’t be there.

The goal of a coach in this instance is to learn what motivates the employee, what and how the employee does to get great results and to share this information with other workers in the company.

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