Hiring a Coach and Benefits to Employees

Every business is a living organism that keeps creating value for its customers. If a business is not delivering value, it dies. A coach can deliver a number of benefits in a company.


Not a single person on the planet knows everything. Entry-level employees may lack knowledge about how they should perform their tasks. New managers may lack information about how to lead their subordinates. Senior level executives may need better information about the future of the technology, market conditions, possibilities and opportunities. A skilled coach can identify what knowledge is missing and help an employee gain the necessary knowledge.


Knowing something is not the same as being able to do it. You may theoretically know how to drive a car but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to drive it. It is also possible that you are comfortable driving on a rural road, but driving in a rush hour traffic in a city like Auckland is a different story because you may be lacking skills and experience. Sometimes skills are just a matter of time. Sometimes developing the right skills requires the right approach. A high-quality coach can figure out the issue and resolve it.


Culture is a very important part of every organization. It is something that can make a difference between a successful business and a failing company. American ridesharing company Uber has found itself dealing with a lot of problems and even criminal investigations because its first Chief Executive Officer Travis Kalanick believed that winning is more important than playing by the rules. He built his company based on this attitude and it was one of the reasons for the company’s huge troubles. Changing attitude may sometimes be hard, yet it is what many businesses need to be able to get to the next level.


Sometimes people know what they need to do and know how to accomplish tasks. All they need is to form a habit. Working with a coach and being accountable can be very useful and productive in this regard.

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