Employee Travel Incentives and Casinos in Auckland

When you coach employees, you don’t want to spend all your time with those who are not performing well. You also want to reward and recognize the accomplishments of those who get great results.

Travel rewards are a great way to motivate employees because they allow your workers to disconnect from their daily life and recharge. A trip to a city with casinos can be really exciting and is what many people love. There is a reason why over 40 million of people visit Las Vegas annually.

In New Zealand, there are six casinos. In Auckland, there is only one casino. It is SkyCity Auckland and it opened in 1996.

The casino was built at the base of the Sky Tower Auckland and is a part of SkyCity complex that includes a convention centre, a 700-seat theatre, bars, restaurants and two hotels. The first hotel is SkyCity Hotel that is located in the main SkyCity Complex. The second hotel is SkyCity Grand, which is a luxury 5-star hotel connected to the main complex via a sky bridge.

The casino was refurbished in 2006. It has over 1,500 gaming machines. There are over 100 tables with various games, including blackjack and roulette.

SkyCity Casino has a room with table games called the Pacific Room and the Platinum room with game machines for high-stakes games. A large percentage of casino’s visitors come from Asia and casino takes special steps to attract them and cater to them.

In September 2013, SkyCity has purchased a yacht that it now uses for corporate entertainment. By 2019, the complex will also add a convention centre for over 3,000 visitors. The government made a deal with SkyCity and allowed the centre in exchange for gambling concessions.

As of 2006, the casino provided about 2,000 and was a source of a sizeable income for its shareholders.

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