Corporate Career Coaching Auckland

There are several reasons why a professional or a company may choose to work with a corporate career coaching service in Auckland.

When an employee starts with a company in a non-managerial position, he or she typically solves problems or follows strict sets of instructions. If a person begins to grow in his or her career, the responsibilities change. The person needs to start doing different things and do them in a different way than before. If this were not the case, there would be no reason for a career promotion or salary increase.

When a person moves up the career ladder, it is not enough to know how to solve problems. Leaders and managers need to be able to do more than that. They need to plan, create a strategy and motivate people. When a person grows in his career and his or her responsibilities change, the person often wonders why the subordinates are so different from him or her. The reason for it is very simple. Most people are problem-oriented. Solving problems is what schools teach students. If you are moving up the career ladder, you need to develop a vision. A vision is not something that a person is born with. A vision is work and it is hard work. Once you do create a vision for your company, you need to be able to communicate it to others, to persuade your colleagues and bosses and to motivate your subordinates.

Different kinds of people need different kinds of motivation. Some people absolutely need to know what and how they need to do. Without having a set of instructions they will not be able to accomplish anything. Others need to know why they are doing what they are doing. If they don’t understand the why, nothing will motivate them. For this reason, those who are moving up in their organization may need coaching. They may need help with polishing their vision, with communicating it and with using it to motivate the employees. This is the area in which Corporate Career Coaching in Auckland can be extremely helpful.

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