6 Steps to Coach Employees Effectively

There are six steps an organization needs to go through to coach employees effectively.

Develop a vision

To coach someone, you need to have specific, measurable goals. An employee needs to understand what he or she will need to accomplish. Work performance is similar to driving in that there needs to be a final destination. The employees need to know what this destination is. If they don’t, they can’t be productive and perform well. It is the job of the leadership of the company to develop a vision.

Communicate the vision

Once the management develops the vision, it needs to communicate the vision to the employees. People that work for an organization need to know what the organization is trying to accomplish. Too often management thinks that the goals and the objectives are clear to everyone when in reality employees are clueless about what is happening in the organization.

Create a plan

A plan is a set of instructions that explains how the organization and the individual employees are going to accomplish the vision of the company. If the vision is the destination, then the plan is the directions that provide a path to the destination.

Explain why

You may have a vision, for example, to reach $100 million in sales. You may think that is it specific and measurable but for some people, it will not be enough. To be productive, some people need to have an answer to the question why. They need to know how this vision came to life and what will happen when the company accomplishes it.

Explain what

Once you explain the goal and the reason why it was chosen, you need to communicate what needs to be done to accomplish it. This means outlining a series of steps that will lead to the goal.

Explain how

Explanations about how things need to be done cover operational details. It may be a certain way or answering the phone or guidelines that engineers need to follow when creating code.

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