4 Keys to Coaching Underperforming Employees

To an inexperienced person, it may seem that all underperforming employees are the same. In reality, this is not true. People underperform for different reasons. Below you will find 4 keys to coaching underperforming employees depending on what is happening with the employee.


Participation may seem like a strange key in coaching underperforming employees, but it is not. Participation is important when an employee is underperforming because he or she has mastered the skills necessary to complete the tasks, but is lacking confidence. The best way to give a boost of confidence is to participate in the completion of the task and provide feedback.


Explaining what an employee needs to do is a key when there is a lot of change happening in the organization. In this scenario, you typically have employees who are great workers but are underperforming because they have a lot of new tasks and responsibilities. Explaining what and how needs to be done is also a critical key for success when coaching new employees.


You need to clarify when an employee has been performing well but started sliding down. In this case, you need to figure out what is going on and then clarify what and how the employee is doing wrong.


To be able to perform, employees need to have ability and willingness. Ability is having knowledge experience and skills. Willingness is not just about wants or desires. It is also about commitment and motivation to accomplish a specific task. Sometimes an employee may be underperforming because he or she is not committed enough to the task.

In this case, the keys to success lie in persuading the employee that the task is important and that the performance of the employee is important. When people feel better about themselves, they perform better. Persuasion can help you get commitment and performance.

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